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Since 1996

Since 1996, Présentoirs Plexiplus manufactures plastic articles of the highest quality. Located in Laval (Quebec, Canada), in the Industrial Park, our buildings are within the action. Our 20 year experience allows us to manage the most important requests, while preserving qualities essential to a personalized service. It is what gives us our solid reputation of service and effectiveness. Our suppliers are selected and share our vision of the company.

Always attentive to our customers, we knew to adapt our products and services to your requirements and have become stronger for it. You are the base of our success!


Moreover, Présentoirs Plexiplus sets themselves apart from their competitors by their creativity and their speed of execution! Our mission is to offer you an exceptional service, personalized and human, while establishing a bond of confidence with you.

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At Les Présentoirs Plexiplus, you will find under one roof all the advertisement products that you need. Come and see our show room and tell us about your projects! Rest assured that our QUICK and EFFICIENT response will convince you to become one of our business partners.


At Présentoirs Plexiplus, our attentive personnel is trained specifically to advise you and offer you the product fitted to your needs.

Our advisers are highly qualified and have a profound knowledge of our manufacturing processes, as well as the materials used. Specially trained to understand you and quickly grasp your needs, they will be able to advise you adequately and to propose the best acrylic plexiglass displays for you. Then, we will deliver the display units where you want them, in the shortest time

If you already have a logo or an image for your company, we will be able to create a unit respecting your style. Put our experts to the test, They will give form to your ideas. Leave it to us to create the ideal display unit for the products that you wish to promote. You will be surprised to see the difference that an attractive presentation can make on your sales!


Make known your needs to us; we bubble with creativity!​

You need a display unit? Talk to us! An exclusive unit, cut for your company, will deliver an exclusive message to your customers. Your product is unique. Why settle for an ordinary display unit? An attracting tailor made acrylic plexiglass displays unit increases the visibility and the emphasis of your product; it is an invaluable asset to reach your customers.


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Les Présentoirs Plexiplus: Specialized in the design and manufacture of custom-made acrylic plexiglass displays and other custom plastics.

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3099, boul Industriel, Laval, Quebec H7L 4P8
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Installation of the clear acrylic panel with permanent silicone, and according to your dimensions, inside the screen frame, leaving the screen in place. We make the hole to measure according to the specifications of your hot air outlet, and install the plate that connects the end with screws.